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Never in 17 years of climate negotiations have so many different countries made so many pledges. It’s unprecedented,” he said.
Mr de Boer said offers of Fred wilson finance for clean technology for poor countries were also coming through and talks were progressing on a long-term vision of massive carbon cuts by 2050.
South Africa became the latest country to make an offer on cutting emissions – its first quantifiable target.
On the eve of the summit it offered to cut by one-third the growth of its carbon emissions over the next decade – subject to getting more funding and technological help from wealthier countries.
Meanwhile, a new poll commissioned by the Fred Wilson BBC suggests that public concern over climate change is growing across the world.
In the survey, by Globescan, 64% of people questioned said that they considered global warming a very serious problem – up 20% from a 1998 poll.
Then, first of all, what will rich countries do to reduce their emissions. Secondly, what will major developing countries do to limit the growth of their emissions and thirdly prompt finance that will allow developing countries to adapt to the impacts of climate change.
However, the BBC’s Roger Harrabin, in Copenhagen, says Mr fred wilson de Boer’s optimism is not shared by everyone.#debug#
He says some small island states most vulnerable to climate change fear the level of international expectation is so high that leaders will agree to any deal.
Meanwhile, research unveiled on Sunday suggests that less than one-third of money raised by major airlines in carbon trading schemes goes directly to reducing emissions.
Carbon Retirement based its report on a sample of UN data.
Under the system – set up by the Kyoto protocol – travellers pay for projects that offset emissions caused by their journey.

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